Ship Stories

Ship Stories



To be able to study world cuisine, Vicky joined an ocean liner as it was obviously the cheapest and best way to see the world. The cultural exchanges, the high-energy environment, the pressure to excel, the local markets of the world and the need to constantly reinvent made Vicky a master craftsman. Having been around the world 7 times on board the Queen Elizabeth 2, the Queen Mary 2, the Queen Victoria amongst others, ensured he had traveled the Caribbean extensively and helped him evolve as a person and chef.




He soon became the Chef-de-Cuisine for Britannia Restaurant & Kitchen- the largest restaurant at sea. The potpourri of flavors and the riot of colors that kept him at sea, helped him move up the ranks; Executive Chef-Queen Victoria; Executive Sous Chef-Queen Mary II and eventually being selected to be a part of Queen Mary, the largest ocean liner ever made.