My eyes sprung out when I read ,”We may not need cook books no more” ..hopefully not coz being a cook book author myself and with a new book project just about to start, this story came out to sound like a real shockaaa! But how cool is it

The brainchild of Italian designers Marina Cincirpini and Sarah Richiuso, I Tradizionali offers various body artwork designs using simple images to give instructions.

These genius designers were inspired to create the concept by the thought of combining culinary and traditional tattoo-culture.

They said,”Rather, it puts our bodies at the core of cooking. This idea has clearly inspired the illustrations which are also used to demonstrate how the recipe is done.”

Simple recipes with brilliant illlustrations pave a way to actually have it “up your sleeve”. Available both in english and italian. Sure a cook book is a cook book but imagine anyone and even student chefs have this temperory tatoo on their arm flowing instructions / a simple recipe and cooking along.

For those who spill more food over their I pads, smartphones and cook books have not to worry any more.

The tattoo is applied on the skin, illustration side down is pressed carefully using a damp cloth or towel and gently peeled away to transfer the image. Voila and there you have a dish on your arm. So roll up your sleeves and start to cook. Imagine a whole cook book full of recipe tatoos which you peel off , paste and take it to your kitchen or wherever you go.

I can imagine using organic food colour to create simple recipes for children, non hazardous where there is a fun element plus concentration and DIY quick recipes for kids.

What would be cool is to have weekly specials inked on to my arm and show it to my guests to choose from!! Yeah right!! But why stop there? How about, Scratch-and-Sniff temporary tattoos that give you an aromatic preview of the meal before you cook it? Cool eh!! I can image gettinga whiff of actually what I am going to cook and how it should really smell.

I am already beginning to get some mad ideas…a great educational tool, a differenet method to follow instructions.

Innovation and Technology …take it away baby!!

Talking about Recipe cards…heres one for you to try and enjoy @home..Have a great weeke end..

Greek Watermelon salad

1 medium sized                        watermelon, peeled , diced

1 medium sized                        cucumber, peeled , diced

1 medium sized                        onion, peeled, diced

½ cup                                           black & green olives

1 medium sized                        yellow bell pepper, diced

1 medium sized                        tomato, ripe, diced

2 tbsp                                          flax seeds

1 tbsp                                          pistachios

1 head                                         rocket/ romaine lettuce

1 tbsp                                          chopped parsley


3 tbsp                                          olive oil

2 tbsp                                          lemon juice

1 tsp                                             black pepper

½ tsp                                            salt

½ tsp                                            oregano

½ tsp                                            cumin powder

1/3 tsp                                         kasuri methi

Blend/ whisk the ingredients for the vinaigrette. Let it rest in the refrigerater untill needed.

Toss all the ingredients in a bowl. Season to taste.

Drizzle the salad with the lemon oregano dressing.